What is Magento?

Accelerate digital transformation

Magneto is one of the best eCommerce platform. Its creators built it using open-source technology. This gives its users the ability to control the look, functionality, and content on their online store without compromising the shopping experience. In addition, Magento gives its users a variety of useful tools and features. This includes marketing, search engine optimisation, and catalog-management tools.

Magento is listed as the 5th leading eCommerce platform for 2023 worldwide by Mailmunch

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Why use Magento?

Open source – Highly customisation

Magento not only offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions but also gives you the flexibility to customize. Also, it provides you the possibility to extend your platform to create unique and differentiated branded experiences. This platform has the ability to adapt well to change and has the potential to be modified to meet the requirements of shop owners.

Freedom to choose the hosting services

With Magento, eCommerce retailers are able to freely select the hosted platform of their choice without sticking with one hosting anymore. This provides great freedom for all online shopping businesses to have their own files and be selective with different Magento hosting companies.

Responsive mobile

Magento is good for keeping the standards of mobile web design. Both the free community edition and the enterprise version of Magento incorporate the HTML5 platform to maximize the mobile shopping experience. Consequently, your eCommerce store will always be optimised. Magento mobile app will establish a fulfilling brand experience for consumers using their smartphones and mobile devices to connect anytime and anywhere.

Accelerate digital transformation

Overall, the platform can cater to any size store. Whether you’re catering to a few customers or a million, Magento offers both a free magento open source and a feature-rich Magento Commerce, meaning the platform can grow and evolve with your business. Many times, businesses have to change platforms as they grow.

But Magento makes it easy to stay in one place and continue to grow. The platform also offers its customers a variety of plug-ins and themes to suit whatever they want to do and whatever they want their website to look like. These can also enhance customer experience and improve customer relationships.

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