The Importance Of The Speed Of Your Digital Channel 

If you have ever abandoned an incredibly slow digital experience in favour of a much faster, more user-friendly one, then you know what millions of users go through every day. Whether they are trying to shop online, compare prices or get additional information about a business, a slow, unresponsive site or app is a problem. 

Today’s users want speed and ease of access. If your digital product doesn’t have it, they will quickly move to your competitors who have invested in their digital channels. They may have much faster and easier systems, which will cost you a sale. A slow digital channel’s negative impact on a business often goes much deeper than just an initial sale. Many customers will relate your site to the sluggishness it initially offered, and they will continue shopping elsewhere. A positive, quick, intuitive journey is the key to happy repeat customers. 

When enough potential customers become your competitor’s customers, your conversion rates, average order values, and page views will all suffer. 

There are 3-speed opportunities that today’s businesses need to maintain if they will remain sustainable. Let’s take a look at each one and see how they can positively affect your business: 

3 Speed Opportunities That Can Increase Conversion Rates, Average Order Values, And Page Views 

  1. The Faster The Site, The More Customers Will Reach Checkout. When you increase your site speed, you are also increasing your progression rates. This means more customers will make it to the checkout page instead of giving up and shopping elsewhere. 
  2. People To Stay Longer And Purchase More If Your Site Is Faster. A much faster site is more accessible and user-friendly than a sluggish site. Studies show that by decreasing your site load time by one-tenth of a second, you will see a significant increase in conversion rates and travel. 
  3. Faster Sites Have Lower Bounce Rates. It makes sense that the faster your site is, the lower your bounce rates. Unless your site offers nothing of interest to the customer, you will see an improvement in your bounce rates. One study showed a decreased bounce rate by 8.3% for a mobile speed improvement of just 0.1 second. 

For further reading, please take a look at our blog regarding lighthouse scores.  

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