We are a professional services company specialising in digital services, tech consulting and software development

MCD provide a wide range of digital services and software development to clients across the Tees Valley, throughout the UK and overseas. Our business is about providing quality across every touch point we share with our clients.


We create single software solutions that improve the way companies do business.

Ensure High Availability of Your Services

Full Stack Development

Seamless integration between beautiful, intuitively designed front-end user interfaces and sophisticated back-end data management systems, known as Full Stack Development.

Elevate your customer experience

Mobile Application

Mobile applications provide an elevated experience for users and although web technologies are improving all the time, the feel of a native mobile application is unbeatable.
UI & UX is all about creating intuitive, aesthetically-pleasing, interactive interfaces.


Digital experience design is all about creating intuitive interfaces that enhance user satisfaction and usability. A good user experience is critical to the success of your product and business.

Elevate your customer experience


Sell more products online and build a memorable digital experience with an easy to use eCommerce website that makes it easy for your customers to buy from you.

UI & UX is all about creating intuitive, aesthetically-pleasing, interactive interfaces.

Digital Strategy

End-to-end digital experiences that delight customers. Harness data and turn it into meaningful information to optimise your business.

You either work with the future, or get left behind

AI & Data Management

From predictive analytics to recommendation engines and more, our services enable businesses to make better-informed decisions, streamline operations, and drive growth.

Harness customer lifetime value


The design and performance of e-commerce websites can be crucial success factors. Visitors quickly make judgments which can be the difference between purchasing or looking elsewhere.

Our innovation and creativity blended with technical know-how means we create digital solutions & experiences that improve the way companies do business.

We take a consultative approach to understand how businesses operate and the challenges they face.

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