User Interface (UI) &
User Experience (UX) Newcastle

UX design concerns a user’s journey and experience with a product and includes identifying and solving user problems. UI design is all about creating intuitive, aesthetically-pleasing, interactive interfaces.

Intuitive Interfaces

User experience design is all about creating intuitive interfaces that enhance user satisfaction and usability.

UX design is not just about the end user; it also brings great benefits to the company providing the product or service.

User Experience

The goal of user experience design is to create a pleasant user experience that is simple, effective, relevant, and comprehensive.

Good user experience is critical to the success of your product and business because it focuses on how a user interacts with a product

The Process

The UX design process involves conducting surveys, conducting usability interviews and tests, and creating user personas to understand the needs and goals of end users.

From this process a prototype design is created which forms the front end of an application.

The Area

MCD have a strong connection with Newcastle and provide a wide range of digital services and software development to clients across Newcastle, throughout the UK and overseas.


A user-centric approach to design and ‘design-thinking,’ which follows a thorough understanding of both user and business goals. In general, this is often an iterative design process that is constantly evolving.

Key concepts or methods used to carry out this process may include, but is not limited to competitive audits, stakeholder interviews, user research involving interviews and surveys, content audits, information architecture, user personas, business model canvases, mood boards, storyboards, empathy maps, use case scenarios and user flows, customer journeys, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. 

  1. Storytelling
  2. Experiment with navigation placement
  3. Seamless experience
  4. Voice user interface
  5. Personalised experience
  6. Creative scrolling experiences
  7. Emotive interaction design
  8. Data visualisation

User interface (UI) design is not the same as UX design. Designing for the user interface often plays an important role in the work of a UX designer, but it is not the only function.

Whereas UI design is concerned with the effective layout of visual elements on a user interface, UX design is ‘people first.’ It’s about what motivates them—how they think and behave.

UI design is only one slice of the UX design process ‘pie’, and only one of many different disciplines that reside under the UX banner. These include, but are not limited to: a user-centered design strategy, core user demographic definition, persona creation, user research, information architecture, content strategy, interaction design, visual design and usability testing.

A comprehensive end-to-end UX design process, creating delightful user experiences and designing products people love, empathy for the user, a user-centered, user goal-driven approach to designing products. Arriving here often means engaging in deep user research to solve problems.

UX-driven product design isn’t just about creating a great user experience, it’s also a smart business move. A great UX design can mean fantastic user experiences that work for people, as well as contributing to the bottom line.

They may illustrate why so many projects fail and have to be redone, and how that costs an enormous amount of money. UX is a no-brainer if a product is to succeed in the marketplace. 68% of users give up because they think you don’t care about them’ and ‘89% of consumers purchased from a competitor following a poor user experience’.

Investing in great UX design improves performance, reduces errors, increases ease of use, attracts more users, increases adoption rates, elevates the brand, increases trust in the system and user satisfaction, reduces development costs, reduces redesign costs, decreases support costs and reduces training needed, etc. which all increase the ROI.

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