Trace Tees App

The Trace Tees App is a mobile application developed to support existing efforts to combat COVID-19 by enabling community-driven tracing of ‘Close Contacts’.

Keeping loved ones safe

Trace Tees supported Teesside’s effort to track and trace the spread of COVID-19 through the benefits of Bluetooth.

The app then uses Bluetooth and Bluetooth data is stored securely on a user’s phone. However, it will only share information if there’s a positive for COVID-19, for the sole purpose of contact tracing. Also, all Bluetooth data stored on a user’s phone is automatically deleted after 25 days.

Trace Tees helps us ensure that we don’t spread the virus to our loved ones unknowingly. It also helps us support the work of contact tracers and healthcare workers by combating the spread of COVID-19 together.

Filled with features

Figma.logoCreated using Figma

Designed with Figma

Built with Flutter

Data with GraphQL


The apps connect to a variety of data sources through custom APIs.

UX and Design were an important factor to ensure a simple and intuitive experience for users.

As well as being really easy to pay for your journeys the mobile App is filled with features to keep you moving.