Used by motorists who can view their balance, top-up and calculate routes. We built the app from the ground-up for iOS and Android with a supporting Content Management System for Tyne Tunnels staff.
The apps connect to a variety of data sources including Google Maps and a ring-fenced oracle DB linked to the tolls themselves. UX and Design were an important factor to ensure a simple and intuitive experience for users.

Top up and go. A modern and convenient experience for customers using the tunnel.


Downloads in the first week.

Available on iOS and Android

Thousands of Tyne Tunnel users can now download the app for an easy way to top up and go from a smart phone device.

“The flexibility and experience brought by MCD takes much of the drama out of digital projects and has allowed us to focus on what it is our customers want, with MCD focussed on how to make the technology to deliver that.”

Philip Smith, CEO

TOP 50

Travel Apps.

Quick, Convenient, Secure.

Manage your account & payment methods. Easily add credit to your account and drive through the tunnel with ease.